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Our customers are at the center of all we do at Onlineshopsell. To help them look and feel their best, we want to provide them with products and services, and part of that is earning their trust in how we handle their personal information. No matter how you contact us—by phone, email, using one of our websites or mobile applications, or any other means—or when you visit or shop at one of our locations, we value your trust in us.

The Websites, Apps, in-store activities, and interactions with us will all be referred to as the Services in this policy. This privacy statement intends to tell you about the methods used by onlineshopsell in collecting and using your personal data, the recipients of that data, how often it is shared, and the controls you have over it.

Please read our privacy policies in detail before using or visiting our website. If you have any more questions after reading this policy, require more information about our privacy practices, or need to lodge a complaint, e-mail us.

Personal information we gather

The categories of personal information we gather and the length of time we keep each category’s personal information are listed below.


Your name, contact information, IP address, account numbers, passwords for your accounts, birthdate, gender, and ZIP code are all included. Please be aware that this information belongs to you and will be kept private as long as you continue to be our clients. We will maintain the privacy of all of your personal data and preferences.

Commercial information 

This information includes specifics about your transactions and purchases. It includes payment information like your credit card number, a list of the items you bought, an update on the progress of your transaction, items you put to your wish list, items you left in your cart, and items you saved for further purchases.

We might keep this data for as long as you remain a customer. Your information will be immediately deleted if your status as a customer is terminated without being disclosed to any platform.

Details shared during communication or phone call with us

This data is gathered for verification purposes and to help you make an informed purchase. It comprises phone numbers and chat sessions to confirm your purchase so we can proceed with your order. It also includes email message codes and pr materials.

Our employees will use this information as long as our services are rendered to you, and we are confident that you have received your belongings safely.

Our website is not intended for minors

Anyone under the age of 15 should not use the website. We don’t intentionally collect information about kids. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the relevant address above if you’re a parent or guardian and suspect your child may have provided us with Personal Information and wish to have it deleted.

Methods via which we gather personal data

We obtain personal information in various ways, both knowingly and unknowingly. When you send us mail, call our customer service line, use one of our websites or applications to fill out a form, place an order, or provide information to a member of our in-store staff, we receive your information directly from you.

Additionally, we might unintentionally collect your personal information via automated sources. For instance, we may utilize technology to collect information about your usage habits when you interact with our websites or mobile applications. In addition, we might obtain information about you from third parties, such as our subsidiaries, affiliates, social media platforms, or advertising partners.

How we utilize private information

To run our business and give you the greatest goods, services, and experiences, we collect personal information, including information we combine from your interactions with our websites and apps, in-store, your device, or third parties. We want to be upfront and honest about utilizing your personal information because we recognize how much it means to you. Some of the ways we use your personal information are as follows:

To notify or respond to you

Our team uses this information to track your orders in case there is a problem with delivery.

For marketing and advertising

Once your transaction is complete, the onlineshopsell uses your information to inform you of the most recent offers and discounts on particular products. Additionally, it notifies you when products you previously placed on your wish list will arrive.

For business purpose

For the better operation and maintenance of our website, this information is used to record and track our customers. Additionally, it must assess our consumer contentment so that we can monitor our yearly advancement.

For safety and legal purposes

This information protects us in the event of fraud or scams. It protects our clients and us from outside aggressors so that we may utilize this information legally in an emergency.

When we make personal data public

We may disclose the personal information we receive from you to third parties for various purposes, including service providers, business partners, persons, and other third parties. We might offer personal information to:

  • For the benefit of the brands and businesses in the onlineshopsell family.
  • People who you ask us to share information with.
  • Firms that offer services related to marketing and advertising.
  • Service providers deliver goods and services right to you, enabling you to effortlessly get what you need when you need it. They may offer rapid delivery to your doorstep when they have your information, such as your phone number, name, or address.
  • Service providers who assist our company as permitted by law.
  • Banks and other financial service providers to maintain track of the payment you make to us.


We have security processes in place to protect and secure the online data we gather in order to prevent unwanted access.We try to prevent such unfortunate circumstances, even though we cannot guarantee against data loss, abuse, or manipulation. If a breach occurs and an unauthorized third party obtains your Personal Information, or there is a likelihood that this may have happened, Sensient will notify you of the breach if required by law.


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If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or wish to seek access to or make changes to any information we hold about you, please get in touch with us.

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