An electric shaving machine is a device that shaves with electricity. These shavers save time due to the lower risk of cutting oneself while shaving. Consequently, you can shave more frequently and quickly without creams, water or lotions. The modern electric razor comes with a plug or adapter and uses batteries to make shaving smoother and easier at home and salons.

Looking at the traditional shavers, the first electric razors were invented in the 1920s and early 1930s. Electric razors were first introduced by Schick and Remington, which continue to produce a variety of razors today.  The two most popular designs, rotary, and foil, are based on similar features and functions.

Shavers come in two varieties: rotary and foil. The foil shaver, a component of both razors, holds hair in place. This makes it feasible for the electrically extremely sharp edges’ to trim the hair that has become stuck. A rotary razor has three sets of cutters and three foils or blades. This is three alternating heads on the outer layer of the razor. A foil-style electric shaver only has one head and one foil. Even though it is designed technically for closer shavers, most people go for rotatory designs as they can easily cut longer hair. Additionally, faces with curved areas typically benefit more from rotary shavers. There are numerous recommendations for which of the two varieties to purchase and numerous supporters.

Among all the famous producer’s lines, the Philips shaving machine won’t disappoint you. Because their shavers are waterproof and water-resistant, you can easily use them on wet and dry hair. Besides, these shavers have blades with round, profiled heads that glide smoothly across the face to prevent any cuts and bruises. So, opt for reputable producers like Philips and get 100% waterproof dry or wet shaving at home hassle freely. 

Hence, when you decide to buy a shaver, look for the Philips shaving machine price in pakistan or any shaving machine price in pakistan to choose the right shave per your need.

Product Price
yandau svw 301 U Shavers Rs 700-1,700
Boli rscw 8008 Shavers Rs 7,50-1,900


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