Crimped hair is undoubtedly the most surprising resurgence of hairstyles and trends that can be achieved with ideal hair crimpers! This year, pop stars and celebrities couldn’t get enough of it, a major beauty trend from the 1980s and 1990s. Although this trend declined in the 2000s and 2010s, it has reed and emerged as the crimping year. African American superstars and magnificence forces Promoted pleated hair.

But precisely what is crimped hair? A hair crimping machine is used to create crimped hair, which has a zigzag and wavy texture on straight or straightened hair. However, it differs from loose curls and conventional wavy hairstyles. Crimping is, without a doubt, a way to create a bold look. Here’s how to do it yourself. Buy Online at Online Shop Sell at affordable price.

First, wash your hair, as crimping looks best on freshly washed hair, unlike sleek buns and Dutch braids, which look better on day two. Next, before treating your hair, it is essential to prepare it, just like makeup. Start by spraying a heat protectant that will stop damage and shorten the time it takes to blow dry. Follow up with a texturizing spray or cream to give your mane a chunky finish. Blow dry and choose your crimping tools. Ideally, there are zigzag and traditional crimpers. Zig-zag crimpers are used for wider crimps. However, traditional crimpers offer 90s-style crimps. If you choose the crimper, crimp your section while sectioning them. While doing so, ensure you are not pressing the iron too long on the hair, as it can damage the hair quality. 

Last but not least, hair crimper price in Pakistan is cost-effective. No matter the brand, the crimpers are easily available under 2000-2500 in any market or online website. Choose what suits you and become part of the trend.

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Keune hair crimpers Rs 15,00-2500

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