Shipping and refund policy

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Onlineshopsell. Therefore, if there is a technical issue using the product’s substance, you can return the item to us, and we’ll replace it with a new one. Use of the product is not advised. Before sending our products, we carefully inspect their packing and quality.

Once the items are delivered to your door, we require that you inspect them. Please check the amount and quality of the items during delivery for technical or manufacturing issues such as improper sealing.

Suppose the goods you received have a problem or were different from what you originally bought. Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with the product’s packing or quantity. We will then replace the item. If you’ve already used the item, no demand for a return will be accepted.

But if you have yet to use the item and discover a problem within three days, we’ll replace it with a new one. Therefore, it should be remembered that these regulations only apply to specific items and not all. Our goods come with a warranty. Therefore, just the issues indicated above will be discussed.

If we have already dispatched the purchase, requests to cancel will not be considered, and there will be no reimbursement.

We will fix your issue if you cancel the order before it is shipped.

The continuing order may be canceled, refused, or terminated by Onlineshopsell at any time. Orders may also be placed without an order being provided. The customer’s information or details may contain errors for which our organization will not be liable.

Below are the refund and replacement rules for items.

  • If the product packing on the returned products is damaged, they cannot be exchanged.
  • In the event of special orders, returns are not permitted.
  • No refunds will be accepted for perishable items or used items like soaps and cleansers.
  • No returns will be accepted for personal use items like intimate accessories.
  • Within six working days, unopened products may be returned. 

Requirements for Return:

The return shipping expense falls on the customer, not the business if they purchase a specific skincare package or product. The buyer will be responsible for paying any shipping costs or losses in product value if the goods are returned in their original condition.

Please get in touch with Onlineshopsell for any questions regarding shipping or return policies. Within a fair time, Onlineshopsell’s customer service will answer the question and provide the solution.

Please remember that the business is not responsible for accepting worn, damaged, or expired merchandise. Products returned after six working as mentioned above, will not be accepted.

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