Braun 3420 Epilator


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Brand: Procter & Gamble

Color: Pink

Power Source: Battery Powered

Item Weight: 0.57 Pounds

Included Components: Charger

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The Silk Epil 3420 is the entry-level best epilator in the Braun line-up. It may not have all of the high-end versions’ nicer features, but it guarantees excellent epilation at a reasonable cost.

Do you need an epilator like this? In our thorough analysis of a Silk Epil 3420, we address that query and others.

Braun’s line of epilators includes the Silk epilator 3420, the ugly sibling. Its twiggy design with purple accents scarcely qualifies as attractive. Braun has a bad history of making its entry-level product models ugly in order to get customers to upgrade to the next model.

The light makes those tiny blonde hairs visible that would otherwise be overlooked during epilating. A useful feature is the SmartLight. We discovered that blonde hair was more commonly missed when we tested the Silk Epil 5 Wet & Dry, which does not include a SmartLight.

You can discover some identifying details that can help you with troubleshooting below. We like that Braun mentions the hair remover type and the appropriate power adaptor. The specifications can be used to verify your epilator machine while troubleshooting if you ever lose your user guide.

Additionally, the nation of manufacturing is printed here. Braun makes the Silk Epil 3420 and the rest of the Silk Epil line in Germany. The epilator for face and body consists of a revolving drum with tiny discs within that expand and close. The hair is torn from the root as the drum rotates, and the disk presses down on your head. The drum is covered with a variety of raised plastic teeth. These teeth help pull hairs that are laying flat and also help point them in the path of the tweezers. 

You might have been puzzled by the function of the blue spikes that surround the top and bottom of the hair remover drum. These are the massage rollers. Epilation can be painful for some people, especially beginners. But who can blame them? In other terms, you are physically pulling hairs from the surface of your skin.

Even when set to the slower speed option, the Silk Epil 3420 is rather loud. It is not advisable to turn it on when people are sleeping in your house since the loudness would wake them up. You must either clip your hair to the desired length before epilating, or you can shave/wax your hair and epilate the shorter hairs. Hairs that are about greater than critical value and 0.2 inches tall perform best with the Silk Epil 3. No longer than that, the epilator tended to break the hair instead of drawing it out from the root.

Braun 3420 Epilator

Braun 3420 Epilator


Braun 3420 Epilator

Braun 3420 Epilator

Braun 3420 Epilator


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