Braun 3440 Epilator


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  • Brand – Braun
  • Type – Hair Removal Epilator
  • Product Dimensions – L 6.50 x B 18.0 x H 19.71 cm
  • Product Weight – 0.257 kg
  • Items included in the pack:
  • 1 silk-epil epilator
  • 2 trimmer blades

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The latest epilators from Braun include Sensor Smart technology, which puts professional advice in your hands. Your epilation is guided by a sophisticated sensor, which ensures the proper pressure level is used to remove far more hair in one motion. When you apply too much pressure, a red light alerts you and instructs you to alter your technique for the device’s better exploitation.

You can now epilate with greater accuracy because of the new Braun silk epil 3 Micro-Grip Tweezer Technology. The Braun Best epilator in Pakistan, Silk-epil 3440, eliminates even the smallest hairs that wax cannot grab with accuracy thanks to its broader, longer, and deeper tweezers (down to 0.5 mm). Therefore, you won’t have to wait as long for your body hair to develop so that you may wax it. Break free from the waiting period and the stress.

Six times more effective than hand washing, the unique Braun face brush eliminates makeup and dirt from the pores. Micro-oscillations are also used to refine and exfoliate the skin. Perfectly waterproof for relaxing usage in the shower. Certain Braun Silk-épil3440 units come with.

It was challenging to be accurate due to the epilator’s broad hole. Sadly, this rendered it unfit for use as a face epilator. Light chin and upper lip hair removal proved to be a lesson in annoyance for test subjects. She said the loudness was too harsh for one of the testers’ delicate ears. While she was not bothered by the loudness when epilating her legs, she had to draw the line when she put the epilator next to her face.

For results that last, the Braun Silk-épil 3440 epilator removes hair softly from the root. It eliminates the short hairs that waxing can’t get rid of for smoothness that lasts up to 4 weeks. Massage rollers are great for beginners since they gently massage the skin during epilation. For no-miss hair removal, the epilator’s Smartlight exposes the smallest hairs. Including a shaver and trimmer for delicate regions like the bikini line, there are three extras.

Braun 3440 Epilator

Braun 3440 Epilator

Braun 3440 Epilator

Braun 3440 Epilator

Braun 3440 Epilator


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