daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer


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Model Number: KM-7019


Targeted Group: Men

Hair, Nose & Outline Trimmer

The cutting head can be washed

Easy to Hold Fast speed

Strong motor

Stainless steel Blade

High power, low noise

Charging time: 8h

Working hours: 50 minutes

Use for any Ages

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Daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer is all one trimmer, shaver, and clipper. This ideal tool contains all the features that will offer you a smooth and hassle-free shave in just a few minutes. Most of all, the features of this trimmer are ideal and cost exactly the price. Hence, talking about the design, the body is assembled with a metal body that can be easily used for years. 

Moreover, the trimmer contains extra accessories that you can easily attach to this trimmer can get rid of unwanted hair. In terms of accessories, you will bet 360 degrees removing a nose trimmer, hair trimmer, and a clipper. The nose trimmer can be used for easy eyebrow hair removal. However, the hair trimmer and clipper have wide combs that you can easily use to cut the hair without any damage. The combs are wide so that the teeth will handle all the detangles and remove hair without causing any damage to the quality. Hence, it is advised to clean the trimmer after every use.

Moving toward the battery of the trimmer, the battery size and timing are exceptional. The battery is high quality and can easily last eight hours without any issues. Hence, in case of recharging, you can use the dingling trimmer USB charger to recharge it in just 30 minutes.

Hence, use this dingling shaving machine to eliminate unwanted hair and smooth and flawless shaving at home. So, say no to long and exhausting appointments and get the versatile solution right now. So, look for the best supplier’s dingling trimmer price in Pakistan and get this item immediately.

daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer

daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer

daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer

daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer

daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer

daling DL 9205 3-in-1 trimmer



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