Dingling RF 608B Hair Trimmer


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BRAND: Dingling

Model No: RF-608B

Color: Silver

Product: Hair Trimmer

Blades: U-shape sharp

Operation: Cordless

Cutting lengths: 0.2 mm

Charging: USB

Charge time: 8 hours

Working time: 45 mins

Cutting combs: (3mm,3.5mm,4.5mm,5mm)

Power Supply: Battery


Are you tired of loud and heavy trimmers? Get the noiseless and calm trimming experience with Dingling RF 608 B Hair Trimmer. The dingling trimmer is distinctive from the other trimmer and clippers because of its quietest functioning features. The trimmer comes with Motor Drive Blades that are super sharp and noiseless. The sharp blades ensure you offer smooth shaving without having an adverse effect on the skin. So, enjoy noiseless shaving with these handy blades.

Furthermore, the clippers are convenient and easy to use. The item is lightweight, easy to handle due to its professional, cutting-edge design, and ideal for shaping hair of any length. Whether you want to use this time in-house or as a professional tool choice is yours, but this trimmer assures you smooth shaving as no other trimmer has. 

Besides, a high-efficiency charging battery works at 220V / 50Hz voltage and 3W power. The best part of the battery is that it can easily last for 3 to 4 hours if you use it continuously. When it dies, you can charge this item with the help of a charging cable in just 45 minutes. Two trimmers are ideal for running your business smoothly if you are running a salon. Along with that, the blades are not just sharp but adjustable. Through this, you can quickly change the blade type per the hair length for a smooth cut. 

Talking about the trimmer’s durability, the body is assembled with Alloy Steel. Steel makes the body chevy and hectic to operate. Well, it’s nothing like that; the body is lightweight, durable, and portable. You can easily carry your trimmer with you without worrying about anything. So, add this item to your wish list. Before buying and dingling trimmer, check the dingling trimmer price in pakistan and the dingling trimmer rf 609 prices in pakistan.  See which dingling trimmer suits you and make the finest purchase.

Dingling RF 608B Hair Trimmer

Dingling RF 608B Hair Trimmer

Dingling RF 608B Hair Trimmer

Dingling RF 608B Hair Trimmer

Dingling RF 608B Hair Trimmer


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