Facial Massager YHK 801 6 in1


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Material: ABS, nylon and sponge

Battery: built-in Li-ion battery

Rated voltage: DC 5V

Charging time: 3h

Using time: 5 – 6h

Warranty: 15 Days


A facial massage roller increases blood flow to the skin, improving skin attractiveness. A small 2018 study showed that blood flow to the area was increased for at least 10 minutes following a 5-minute face massage with a massage roller.

Facial massager machine is extremely different from facials. The lymphatic system and muscles are stimulated during a massage. Every aspect of the body is affected by facial massage. A proper face massage affects every organ since the 300 pressure points on the face correspond to every organ in the body.

Most face massagers are designed to reduce edema, encourage lymphatic drainage, and relieve facial stress. In addition, they improve your skin’s ability to absorb creams and serums, which may help to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. According to all this, they are ready to make those who employ them look younger. Furthermore, using them each morning or evening might become a calming self-care routine.

The YHK 801 6 in 1 facial massager is one of the market’s fastest and most popular models. This gadget has a vast surface area and is designed to lift, tighten, and tone your face swiftly.

The assembly process uses ABS and nylon materials to ensure the massager’s durability, which can easily last longer than a year. A built-in lithium-ion battery has a three-hurt charging time, so you can massage your face without worry to make your skin feel better. Additionally, this massager is portable and small enough for you to take it anywhere you go and massage.

With all of these capabilities, this incredible machine also includes a 5-in-1 electric facial cleansing brush and massager kit with everything you need for flawless skin. As a result, you can purchase this item for a reasonable price because it only costs RS. 2500. But you may also purchase it for less. For this, look up the cost of a facial massager machine price in Pakistan, find a supplier who has a good selection, and order your massager right away to achieve skin that is as smooth and flawless as you have never had before.

facial massager YHK 801 6 in1

facial massager YHK 801 6 in1

facial massager YHK 801 6 in1

facial massager YHK 801 6 in1

facial massager YHK 801 6 in1

facial massager YHK 801 6 in1


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