Keune wax heater machine


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Brand: Keune

SKU: 133179023_PK-1293468898

Power: 75 watts

Weight: 460 g

Dimensions: 24 × 20 × 24 cm

Quality: Supreme

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Since 1922, Keune has been producing hair products and Keune wax heater machines for professionals. However, they are far more than just a supplier. The Keune family includes each and every salon that works with us. They say that since we are a privately-run company, but since it suits our style. We only want the best for you when you sit in one of their salon chairs. They do business with a personal touch because of this.

Other than that,  the way that Keune delivers exceptional items and also prepares beauticians. They will always be able to keep up with the most recent haircut and colour trends in this way. We guarantee that you can be your best self in this way.

Besides that, among all their products, their wax heating machines are gaining the attention of numerous people and are selling like hotcakes. In terms of wax heating gadgets, they also supply roll-on wax machines and hot wax machine.  In terms of wax machines, the Keune wax heater is ideal for all because of its latest and most advanced features. First,  the machine is fitted with numerous colours of plastic body with a glossy look to give the item an elegant and professional look. The plastic body is durable enough to heat the wax and offers reliable and smooth everyday application.

Besides, the wax heater is easy to use and has an accessible temperature-control button with multiple temperature settings. You can easily set the desired temperature to melt hot or cold wax anytime. While working, remember that the machine’s lower part gets hot. Hence, avoid touching the lower area to secure yourself from any damage. So, whether you are looking for a household wax machine or salon use, this item is there to satisfy you.

Lastly, in terms of cleaning, ensure the durability of your juicer by cleaning the container after a few attempts. Hence, with all these features, add this item to your wish list, search for heater keune price in Pakistan, choose your ideal pick and give your skin a flawless look in just a few minutes.

Keune wax heater machine

Keune wax heater machine

Keune wax heater machine

Keune wax heater machine

Keune wax heater machine


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