Philips Blackhead Remover Xn 8030


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Key features:

  • Vacuum pressure power – 50 kPa
  • 1 mode of operation
  • Charging time – 12 hours
  • Continuous battery life – 20 minutes
  • Battery charging indicator

If you don’t have time to rush towards salons to get facial treatment, then Philips has offered you a portable blackhead device that is easy and offers you the finest results by cleaning your skin efficiently. If you are wondering whether this Philips xn 8030 blackhead remover machine is trustworthy. Consider that dermatologist believe that vacuum blackhead remover is the finest way to remove all blackheads and clean the pores.

Therefore, Philips blackhead remover xn 8030 is the top machine with a high-tech vacuum ability. This feature helps to extract all the dirt from the skin. Talking about the fitting of the remover, the machine comes with a sleek and adjustable design fitted with a plastic body.  As plastic is used in the fitting, the quality is not compromised. Besides, the remover has mild extraction vacuum pressure that extracts the excess oil, dirt, and dead skin from the skin to offer you glowing skin. The best part about the suction pump of this remover is that it has medium suction or vacuum pressure. This prevents bruising on the condition, as cheap remover can lead to telangiectasias that affect the skin badly.

Therefore, the remover comes with blackhead remover cream to offer you a radiant look. This cream contains Salicylic acid and beta hydroxy acid that penetrate the pores, remove oil, and prevent skin bruising.

Furthermore, most of the time, blackhead remover doesn’t clean severe blackheads. Hence, to remove them, a blackhead remover pin, this pin contains two edges. One end has a round hollow shape and a small fitting. This puts pressure on the blackhead once it slightly comes out. Then, the other sharp tip is used to pick the blackhead. Through this, you can easily remove blackheads of any type. Make sure to apply the cream to cleanse the skin thoroughly. 

So, if you look at the blackhead remover machine price in Pakistan, it’s possible that you won’t find any cost-effective product. But the best part of the Philips blackhead remover xn 8030 is that it is available on any online website at cost-effective ranges. Overall it will cost you 1800 RS only. So, without delay, get this handy item and give your skin the finest in-home treatment.


philips blackhead remover xn 8030

philips blackhead remover xn 8030

philips blackhead remover xn 8030










philips blackhead remover xn 8030




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