Remington Coconut Smooth Curler


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8 temperature settings.

Maximum temperature 200°C.

Optimum temperature control.

30 seconds heat-up time.

Ceramic coating to add shine and protect hair from heat damage.

Stay cool tip for safer use.

13-25mm ceramic barrel.

2.5m swivel cord.

Automatic safety shut-off after 60 minutes.

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The hair is wrapped around a spherical tool called a curling iron, which not only curls it but also softens the follicle and lessens frizz. Women have been changing their hair’s structure and looking into wavy or wavy styles since ancient Egypt. Some women then used wigs to change how their hair looked. Hair curling became a standard in the beauty business in the 18th century thanks to powdered wigs, and by the mid-twentieth century, it was as common as washing hair.

Although women have traditionally curled their hair around with a roller or other round item, electric curlers have replaced them as the standard in the beauty industry. Instead of leaving their houses each day with their hair loosely wrapped by a hat or scarf and coiling in curlers as in the past, most women today utilize rollers warmed by electronic systems, allowing them to properly arrange their hair before doing so.

Your hair is tamed as you curl it with the  Remington Advanced Coconut Therapy Curling Wand coconut-infused coating material, creating curls for anti-frizz protection. The 13-25 micrometers Funnel-shaped Piston and Fast Heat-Up make it quicker and simpler than ever to create gorgeous, silky curls. Choosing from 8 temperature adjustments allows you to create a customized look that always produces the greatest styling results.

The Remington automatic hair curler controls your hair while you curl it. The ceramic coating, which is laced with coconut and creates curls for any general pro protection, is to blame. The 13-25mm conical barrel and quick heat-up make creating lovely, silky curls simpler and quicker than before. By choosing from 8 temperature settings, you can create a customized look that always produces the greatest styling results, following 15 hours of lab testing in contrast to standard ceramic coating.

Lastly, ceramic coating flavored with coconut. You may get soft, smooth curls without frizz with the Coconut Smooth Curling Wand. The Advanced Ceramic Coated Cannon with Coconut Loaded Femto tames your curls while they curl it for all-day anti-frizz protection. Check out Remington hair curler prices in Pakistan and decide if they meet your needs.

Remington Coconut Smooth Curler

Remington Coconut Smooth Curler

Remington Coconut Smooth Curler

Remington Coconut Smooth Curler


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