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Brand: Sildne

Recommended Uses For Product: Face

Power Source: Manual

Included Components: Blade

Item Weight: 20 Grams

Colour: Blue

Blade: Material Stainless Steel

Head Type: Foil

Number of Blades: 12


Every woman needs a threader in this era to get rid of unwanted hair in just a few minutes. Dermatologists believe that ingrown hair can cause pimples that can affect skin quality. Therefore, threaders are there to help you to get rid of unwanted and half-grown hair. These tools are accessible, portable, and simple to use. But bear in mind that experts believe that an ideal matters a lot. Quality products can have a massive effect on your skin. Therefore, Sildne Face Body Hair Threading machine offers you the simplest and result in oriented solutions without affecting or damaging your skin type.

The Sildne face threading machine is compact and portable too. Overall the body is fitted with durable plastic that can last longer for years if used properly. The threader has sharp blades to pluck unwanted hair in just a few seconds. However,  it will take some time as the product is only designed for smaller areas like the face. 

Furthermore, the tools are easy to handle due to their professional style body. The shape of the threader is designed with two small handles to hold the thread closer to your face. Moreover, there are additional blades for you that you can easily replace with just one click. 

Know that dermatologists say that you need to replace hair removal tools repeatedly, as using one tool again and again can affect your skin and cause acne and cancer. Therefore, Sildne offers you additional blades that you can easily replace and use every time.

Hence, with all these features, you can rely on this handy tool to eliminate unwanted hair at home. So, without delay, check out the finest Sildne threading machine price in Pakistan,  choose the nearest supplier, and add this item to your cart immediately.








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