Boli RSCW 8008 Shaver


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TYPE: Shaver/ Razor

Full Power can be used for about 40 Minutes.

Adjustable Cutting Setting.

Precision Cutting Setting with Stainless steel Blade

Slim Design

Fit In Pocket

Double Shaver & Trimmer

On/Off switch with indicator light

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Motor Speed: 10,000 RPM

Power Type: Rechargeable

Usage: 40min


Boli rscw 8008 shaver is the best shaving machine in Pakistan, with high-tech features and a durable body. This is the all-in-one solution if you seek a product that holds the quality of trimmers and clippers. The motor is assembled with a plastic and stainless steel body with separate and removable blades.

Although the steel body might feel heavy,  it can easily last for years without slightly affecting the trimming quality. Furthermore, as far as working is concerned, the motor works at 10,000 RPM and AC100-240V voltage. Undoubtedly the motor speed is exceptional, and it can offer you the versatility to trim or shave your beard in just a few moments, but while working, you might get irritated by its loud noise. But if you are getting so many fantastic features in just one item, then a few cons can be compromised.

Moreover, once you are done with shaving, this electric shaver has an ON/Off Switch With an Integrated lock that you can easily use to secure the machine after use. Besides, the Lithium-Ion Battery is up to mark as you can easily shave for 40 to 50 minutes. The best part is that the quality of the battery won’t be affected.  recharge your Boli rscw 8008 trimmer with its durable USB cord and get it recharged in 30 minutes.

So, boost your confidence with the Boli rscw 8008 trimming machine. Last but not least, this trimmer is ideal for all men. You can easily hold the handle in any hand as the blades won’t touch the skin.

Hence, get this item right now; look for the foremost Boli rscw 8008 trimmer supplier. Get this item right away, as it will cost you 2 times less than the Philips shaving machine.

Boli RSCW 8008 Shaver

Boli RSCW 8008 Shaver

Boli RSCW 8008 Shaver

Boli RSCW 8008 Shaver


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