Yandou SVW 301 U Face Shaver


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Brand: Yandou

Color: Silver

Warranty: N/A

Battery (in mAh): 600mAh

Charging: 8-16 hours full charge

Material: Titanium Alloy Foil

Trimmer Type: Pop-up trimmer


Are you looking for a compact portable trimmer? If yes, then the yandou svw 301 U face shaver is what you seek. The trimmer is unique and distinctive from all the other trimmers in the market. The best part about this trimmer is its small and compact design, which makes it an ideal tool you can carry with you non matter its size and weight. Overall this handy trimmer is just the size of the human hand, so taking this trimmer with you to any place to have a smooth shave is the best solution.

Moving toward the design of this face razor.  The Titanium Alloy Foil fits the razor, ensuring its durability and robustness. Along with that, the design of the trimmer is wide. Despite that, you can easily have a strong grip on the body to have a smooth and hassle-free trim. 

Furthermore, this compact men shaving machine works at the highest speed and low RPM to offer the quietest, smooth and cut-free shaving all the time. As far as the fear of cuts is concerned, this trimmer is not designed for that. It’s because the trimmer has a pop head which means that the trimmer has a mesh screen on the head. Through that screen and micro vibrating patterns, blades pop out of the head and offer a cut-free shave. 

This trimmer is undoubtedly the safest and most reliable with all these features. You can easily use this trimmer for children. But, know that the trimmer has a certain limit. It means that the trimmer can’t cut hair of long length. Therefore, you can only use this tool to cut small and dry hair. Other than that, this trimmer is a worthy investment.

Hence, if you are out in the market and have gone through all the best trimmers but can’t find a nice and compact trimmer for day-to-day use, then search the Philips shaver price in Pakistan, and it’s sure that you still won’t find a trimmer like this. So, search yandou trimmer, seek this model, and make the wisest choice of all time.

Yandau svw 301 U Face Shaver

Yandau svw 301 U Face Shaver

Yandau svw 301 U Face Shaver

Yandau svw 301 U Face Shaver

Yandau svw 301 U Face Shaver


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