Remington Ceramic Crimp 220 Crimper


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Offers four times the protection


Variable temperature dial

Ready indicator LED

The high heat setting is 150°C – 220°C

Wide plates for fast styling

Fast 30-second heat-up for instant styling

Automatic safety shut off after 60 minutes

Hinge lock for storage

Worldwide voltage

Heat resistant mat

Swivel cord

Cord 1.8m

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Get rid of your ordinary, uninteresting hair and go for this stunning retro style. Crimping your hair is a quick and easy way to spice up a basic appearance when you want to feel more! Women in the 1980s were ahead of their time because they knew how to make their hair look larger and cooler. In the 1980s, people braid their hair to keep it in place all night. All you need to reproduce this is a crimper. Hair crimpers are styling tools with zigzag plates that give your hair structured waves. You may use a crimper to add volume or a unique, all-over style to your hair.

Crimping will function best on clean hair. Wash and condition your hair to make those tresses shinier. Blowing or letting your hair air dry will allow it to dry completely, as crimping damp hair is not a smart idea. You risk breaking your hair and injuring your follicles when you use a hot crimping iron on moist hair.

If you need to style your hair straight immediately after getting out of the shower and are pressed for time, choose the Remington crimper. The 2-inch wide plates on this crimping iron, which are meant to be used to style damp hair, create gorgeous waves. It also dries your hair, so you are ready to go in a short amount of time. The 2-inch plates are perfect for adding body to both thick and long and fine hair. They protect the hair from heat damage and help them heat up quickly thanks to titanium and ceramic coatings. To create the appropriate beachy waves, these plates are heated to a high temperature of 420F. A dry or wet fashion.

This crimping iron comes with safety gloves that you can use to crimp your hair hassle-freely without worrying about the temperature. So, search for Remington hair crimper price in Pakistan and get the item that suits your budget and needs.


Remington Ceramic Crimp 220 Crimper

Remington Ceramic Crimp 220 Crimper

Remington Ceramic Crimp 220 Crimper

Remington Ceramic Crimp 220 Crimper








Remington Ceramic Crimp 220 Crimper


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