Keune hair crimpers


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Key features:

Heating Time: 60s

Maximum Temperature: 220 C

Temperature gauge: from 140 to 220 (5 scales)

Cord Length: 1.8 m

Heater Type: PTC

Voltage: 110-220 V

End Result: Crunch, crimp, tiny waves

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Crimped hairstyles are getting into a trend. If you’re unaware of this term, the method of styling long and straight hair gives a wavy or zig-zag look. This styling is gaining attention and turning into a trend. Therefore, keune hair crimpers come with the latest hair crimping machine and high-tech features in an affordable range to offer you the facility of becoming a part of this trend. 

This hairstyle machine is made of stainless steel to make the item sturdy and adorable. You might think stainless steel might cause heat in the plates and make holding the item difficult. Well, it’s not like that. The plates are heat resistant, offering a smooth and robust grip over the crimper. Other than that, the plates assembled in the body are ceramic and extra wide. It means that if you are in a rush, you can easily crimp a larger portion of your hair. In terms of ceramic plates, the iron plates have an elegant zig-zag pattern on both ends and contain infused conditioner to control the frizz. 

Besides, the cord of this item is durable as it can easily handle lather volts and ensure your lifetime warranty without having a slight effect on the quality. You can easily use it in low and high voltage. If you find an issue with the cord, you can easily replace it at any electronics store. The quality of the romper won’t be affected at all.

Moreover, if you desire a hair crimper for volume, then kenue offers better-crimped hair than Remington Hair Crimper.  It’s because the unique part of this crimper is that it will control the frizz of your hair and offer an elegant zig-zag pattern for a longer duration at a cost-effective price tag. Hair crimper and keune straightener price in Pakistan is touching the sky as the trend is getting attention. Therefore, the keune crimper price in Pakistan is only 2000 -2500 rupees. It means that you can easily become part of the crimping trend and give your hair an elegant look in a reasonable range. So, add this item to your wish list as keune ensures to offer crimpers and straighteners in cost-effective ranges.


Keune hair crimpers


Keune hair crimpers

Keune hair crimpers


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