Braun 3410 Epilator


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2-speed settings

Power source

Non-stop performance with corded use

12V adapter

Color: Raspberry pink/white

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The Braun epilator 3410 model is one of the cheapest options you can get online. It has been used for years to remove female body hair, and it’s one of those wonderful finds you make whenever something comes out more than you expected.

Braun has a well-established reputation for producing dependable at-home hair removal tools and has released several products like epilators and IPL machines to the market. Given this, when I saw the Silk épil 3 at such a low price, I knew I had to try it. With none of the embellishments or high-tech features you would find in some of the other epilators just on the market, like Braun Models, it is a rather simple device.

It does exactly what it’s intended to: get rid of hairy legs from the root, giving you weeks of smoother skin. To assess if the épil 3 epilator will satisfy your requirement for a trustworthy hair removal device, you will thoroughly look at it in this review. Perhaps it isn’t technologically advanced enough, or perhaps it is.

The Braun Silk-épil 3 is a compact and portable epilator. It fits perfectly inside the center of my palm. An on-button makes it easy to operate and comfortable to hold on your thumb. You’ll see that it has some rough dots on the back, maybe to avoid slipping. With all these traits, this epilator holds the finest Epilator price in Pakistan.

It has to be plugged into work because it is a wired epilator. In contrast to some gadgets, where the connection may be located in an odd or challenging place, the épil 3’s charging connection is conveniently located right at the bottom of the device. The cable is very long, so you don’t need to sit in front of an outlet to eliminate your public hair (6 feet). There are two options: the standard and a little slower. The 20 tweezers on the one-inch-wide epilating head take hair out at the root, enabling you to maintain a tressed body for longer.

A cleaning brush is supplied to remove hairs that did not fall out during usage. The head may be removed extremely quickly by merely pressing down on the little knobs on either side. Although it is not essential, I removed the epilator head after each usage. In any case, I couldn’t discover any hair within.

Braun 3410 Epilator

Braun 3410 Epilator

Braun 3410 Epilator

Braun 3410 Epilator

Braun 3410 Epilator


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