Braun BR 3007 Nose Trimmer


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Recommended Uses For Product: Nose, Sports, Trimming, Shaving

Color: Silver

Item Weight: 0.24 Pounds

Brand: Braun

Power Source: Battery Operated, Battery Powered


Are you looking for the best nose hair trimmer that comes at a reasonable price, has unlimited features, and offers you versatility? If yes, then the Braun BR 3007 nose trimmer is your best choice. The trimmer is assembled in a plastic body along with stainless steel blades.

Talking about the design, the body is compact, and you can carry it easily anywhere. Moreover, the body is made of plastic, but the plastic is durable enough to bear pressure. Hence, there will be no fear of breakage, and you can easily use this trimmer for years.

Moving towards the working, the trimmer works at low frequency and high speed. Although the trimmer’s speed is tremendous,¬† you will get the noiseless trimming of all time. So, while using this trimmer, clean your nostrils, so there are no solid remains; after that, it’s better to add some water as you can easier use this remover on wet and dry hair. Once you clean the nose, use the trimmer blades inside the nostrils at the desired speed to eliminate unwanted hair.

Among all the features, the best and most appealing part about the trimmer is its versatility. The trimmer is used for more than just the nose. In fact, due to additional blade accessories, you can easily use this trimmer to remove eyebrows and ease hair. This trimmer is pro at moving too little places and removing all the hair. Hence, instead of looking for a single functional trimmer that costs you twice, just like the nose hair trimmer Philips. Look for a trimmer that comes at reasonable prices and offers unlimited versatility. So, look for the kemei trimmer price in Pakistan,  choose the best sellers, and get this item immediately.

Braun BR 3007 Nose Trimmers

Braun BR 3007 Nose Trimmers

Braun BR 3007 Nose Trimmers

Braun BR 3007 Nose Trimmers

Braun BR 3007 Nose Trimmers

Braun BR 3007 Nose Trimmers


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