Daling DL 7019 Nose Trimmer


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Model Number: KM-7019


Targeted Group: Men

Hair, Nose & Outline Trimmer

The cutting head can be washed

Easy to Hold Fast speed

Strong motor

Stainless steel Blade

High power, low noise

Charging time: 8h

Working hours: 50 minutes

Use for any Ages


People are now getting rid of unwanted nose and ear hair as they can affect their looks. Therefore, they are moving towards different procedures for removing hair. But do you know how much waxing and threading hurt? In that case, only trimmers are the easiest and smooth way to remove hair without pain or cutting. Therefore, daling has come up with one of its foremost models, the daling DL 7019 nose trimmer. This nose trimmer has essential features that ease hair removal at home or any place. So, say no to salons and long exhausting appointments.

First thing first, the design of the trimmer is up to mark. The stainless steel body design makes the item durable and reliable. No doubt the material used is of high quality, but it’s sure that with this trimmer, you will be able to remove hair easily for many years. But you must maintain the trimmer’s quality by continuously cleaning it after every use.

Moreover, other than the design, the working of the trimmer is exceptional fur to its 360-degree rotating head. The head is assembled with durable stainless steel that spins slowly to remove all the hair precisely. Although the spinning speed is low, the removing hair speed is tremendous. You can easily get rid of unwanted hair in just a few minutes.

Nit just nose hair, you can also use the trimer to remove the ear and eyebrow hair, but for that, it is advised to clean the head of the trimmer first. Now, talking about the battery timing, this is worth purchasing if you are looking for a stable trimer. It’s because the battery can last for 8 hours and can offer you smooth trimming. In case the battery dies, use its USB charger.

So, with all these features, it’s undoubtedly the best nose hair trimmer for men and women. So look for Philips nose hair trimmer Pakistan and Daling dl 7019 prices in Pakistan. Go through their features and decide how the dangling trimmer is exceptional.

Daling DL 7019 Nose Trimmer

Daling DL 7019 Nose Trimmer

Daling DL 7019 Nose Trimmer

Daling DL 7019 Nose Trimmer






Daling DL 7019 Nose Trimmer


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