Dingling RF 609 Professional Trimmer


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Model: RF 609

Input: 220-240V

Working time: 45 minutes

Charging time: 12 hrs

Weight:0.7 kg

Dimensions: 42 × 30 × 5 cm

Low noise design.

 High-speed power full motor

2 different speeds to adjust

Material: Alloy Steel

Are you looking for a professional hair trimmer? Know that the dangling RF 609 professional trimmer is the only trimmer that can meet your needs. This trimmer is fitted with durable alloy steel material to offer you the facility to remove unwanted hair.

First of all, the hair trimmer is rechargeable and eases you in cutting hair without having difficulty managing long wires. The battery operates longer, and you can easily use the trimmer to cut your hair for eight hours. In case of charging, use the USB cord to recharge the item in just a few minutes. Know that when you are charging the trimmer, avoid using it, as it can affect the quality of the battery.

Furthermore, the speed of the motor is beyond expectation. There are 2 kinds of speeds to adjust. You can easily set the desired speed and get the professionally styled trimmer at home. Besides that, the length of the trimmer is adjustable. If you are a beginner and are afraid of cuts, this trimmer is there for your safety. You can adjust the trimmer size with the adjustable length feature. With that, the blazers will no longer be intact with the skin, and you will have a secure shave.

Last but not least, this dangling shaving machine is the noiseless trimmer among all other trimmers as the motor works at 220V, 50Hz, 3W or 110V, 50Hz, and 3W to offer the quietest trimming. Besides, while trimming and having noiseless shaving, this model is the expert-recommended trimmer and is the ideal choice for professional salons.

So, seek the dangling rf 609 price in Pakistan,  know which supplier can offer you this item at a discount, and add the item to your cart without delay.

Dingling RF 609 Professional Trimmer

Dingling RF 609 Professional Trimmer

Dingling RF 609 Professional Trimmer

Dingling RF 609 Professional Trimmer

Dingling RF 609 Professional Trimmer


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