Kemei KM 5017 Professional Trimmer


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Power Supply: Electric

Usage: Rechargeable

Power: 5W

Voltage: 220-240V

Freighter: 50HZ

Product Size: 18*4.5

Charging Time 10 Hours

Using Time 90 Minutes

Stainless Steel Blade

Kemei KM 5017 professional trimmer is another best trimmer.  Kemei is now recognized as a leading name in the personal care and beauty industries. The items’ high quality and reasonable price have increased the brand’s prominence. It has also established itself as a market leader in multiple countries.

Furthermore, Kemei is a Chinese company that has recently succeeded in the Pakistani market. Regarding beauty products, grooming kits and shaving machines are the ideal competitors. They use high-end features and technology to make the best items, just like the Kemei KM 5017 shaving machine.

Moreover, this kemei shaving machine is designed with a lever and self-sharpening blades that can cut hair evenly and smoothly in just a few minutes. The trimmer has an LED display that you can easily use to see the speed of the trimmer.

This trimmer will keep you on track if you work in shady areas. Besides, the kemei trimmer has a high-speed motor with 5W power,220-240V, and  50HZ of frequency. As the power and voltage determine how fast the speed of the motor, the frequency is there to guide you along with the fastest trimmer. Moreover, this is also the quietest shaving machine. With that, you can easily trim your hair anywhere without irritated by loud noise. 

In terms of design, the quality is exceptional, and the look is ideal for using this trimmer in salons and barber shops. There are distinctive removable and rotating blade heads and eight robust adjustment blades. It means that if you desire to trim hair at any length, you can use its eight blades. 

Most of all, with all these safest features, you can easily use the trimmer for your children’s haircut. The blades are safe and won’t cause any damage at all. So, without any delay, head to the search bar, choose the nearest supplier and search for the kemei shaving machine price in Pakistan to get the best trimmer for you and your family.

Kemei KM 5017 Professional Trimmer

Kemei KM 5017 Professional Trimmer

Kemei KM 5017 Professional Trimmer

Kemei KM 5017 Professional Trimmer

Kemei KM 5017 Professional Trimmer


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