Philips ph 9903 Hair Straightners


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  • Advanced Ceramic plates
  • Plates infused with Micro Conditioners
  • Wet and dry use
  • Floating plates
  • Even pressure on the hair during styling
  • SKU: oshi13148957
  • Brand: ProtonX
  • Colour: White
  • Warranty: 2 years

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In this era, confidence matters a lot, and your hair plays a vital role in boosting your confidence. If you have curly hair and want to look confident, the Philips ph 9903 Hair straightener is the ideal option. This item is cost-effective and a better option to get frizz-free straight hair than considering chemical treatments. Do you know that when people can’t find cost-effective straightening iron, they move to rebonding and keratin? Therefore, Pakistan’s demand and hair rebonding price are increasing, but it’s a major pitfall. It’s because these treatments include chemicals and can have an adverse effect on your skin and hair.

Therefore, bearing hair rebonding price in mind, Philips comes with its latest hair straightener fitted with floating plates to offer you a smooth straightening experience. These plates have a built-in conditioner that makes your hair smooth and controls the frizz. Other than that, the main plus point of this iron is its floating plates. It’s because, usually, cheap irons make hair tangled during the operation and lead to the breakdown of hair. But, the Philips ph 9903 floating plates are equal, smooth, and contain equal temperatures on both plates. With this feature, you will have smooth, breakage, and frizz-free hair in a few minutes.

Furthermore, these plates make this iron a flip straightener through which you can easily design your hair in different designs and shapes while setting your own temperature. Another plus point of this straightener is that it can easily be used on wet and dry hairs. Remember that, like other straighteners, this iron will also take time to straighten wet hair. However, if you want frizz-free hair in just a few minutes, use this iron on dry hair for effective results.

Last, in terms of price, the item is cost-effective as the Philips hair straightener price in Pakistan is just 5200 rupees. The item is worth trying with all the essential features, as many other manufacturers have the same designs as this iron bit. They hold a heavy price tag like keune. Ideally, the keune hair straightener price in Pakistan is 9500, lacking floating plates. Hence, in the verdict, the experts recommend that the Philips ph 9903 is the ideal hair straightener and a worthy purchase among other famous models. 

philips 9903 hair straightener

philips 9903 hair straightenerPhilips ph 9903 Hair Straighteners Philips ph 9903 Hair Straightners

Philips ph 9903 Hair Straightners



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