Remington R-M-S-V016 Hair Straightener


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Model: R-M-S-V016

Brand: Remington

8X More Ceramic* for Less Damage & Frizz

 2” Floating Plates for Easy Glide

 Pearl Ceramic Technology

 450°F Salon High Heat

 15 Second Heat Up

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The 20th century is all about glamour. Boosting this passion for looking confident and elegant, straighteners are the major building blocks. In boosting confidence, hair needs to be perfect. For that, Remington professional straightener is there for your assistance. This Remington R-M-S-V016 is assembled with all the high-tech features every individual seeks in a straightener. Therefore, paying thousands of dollars for chemical treatments is a waste. Go for an ideal straightener and get flawless hair in just a few minutes.

Hence, talking about the design, the straighter is ideal in size and is made of durable steel. The material is steel; you might wonder about the body catching heat while operating. The body is heat-resistant, and the plates won’t catch heat while working. 

Furthermore, the straightener takes only 3-4 minutes to heat completely. After that, you can use the thin comb to get professionally styled hair for a limited duration. Know that the plates are ceramic. The plate contains the conditioner that controls the hair frizz and offers smooth and frizz-free hair for days.

Moreover, having all these features, the plates are wide and offer you the versatility to use the straightener to straighten the hair in a larger amount. You will be pleased to know that curling hair with straighteners is a new hack everyone is trying. Hence, if you don’t want to invest in 

Remington hair curler then utilizes its ceramic and wide plates to curl the hair sling with straightening.

Hence, with all these features, instead of rushing towards the salons and waiting for long and exhausting appointments get this item. Search for the Remington hair straightener price in pakistan, head to the nearest store, and get this item right away at the most reasonable price.

Remington R-M-S-V016 Hair straighteners

Remington R-M-S-V016 Hair Straightener

Remington R-M-S-V016 Hair Straightener

Remington R-M-S-V016 Hair straighteners



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