Sonex Pro 6619 Hair dryers


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Electric fans, ceramic tiles, cookware, hair dryers, and sanitary fittings are all made by the Sonex group of companies. Their current business is a manufacturer of nonstick cookware that has been in operation for nearly 60 years. For many years, they have provided their customers with cookware that meets and exceeds their expectations. Sonex Nonstick has been our trusted kitchen partner for over two decades. They continue to be your top choice for cookware.

Among all these ranges, their dryers are their latest production that is winning people’s hearts. Sonex Pro 6619 hair dryer is all models’ unique and latest hair dryer machine. The body of this dryer is fitted with durable plastic that contains a micro steel screen through which hair moves out. In terms of durability, the hair dryer machine is ideal as it comes with 5 years of unlimited warranty.

Furthermore, talking about working, the device world at 50Hz Power:2200W frequency and 220V voltage. Besides that, with high speed, the dryer has various blowing speeds that you can easily set at your desired speed with the help of speed buttons. Besides, the AOP(Automatic Overheat Prevention) system automatically turns off the dryer if it produces too much heat while working.

Talking about the design, the dryer comes in black, and its plastic assembling gives this dryer an elegant and sleek look. Inside the body, smooth nozzles dry the hair smoothly and give you a flawless look each time. Not just that, with strong wind pressure and good heat dissipation, the dryer can easily style wet and dry hair in a limited duration.

The dryer works at high voltage and tremendous speed. Therefore, you might be wondering about the unpleasant noise. Well, it is not like that. The dryer offers a noiseless and smooth drying process to its customers that no other product offers. Hence, with all these features, the item is worth trying. 

Lastly, the hair dryer price is super reasonable as it will only cost you RS.1500. So, if you desire to buy this handy tool, check out the hair dryer machine price in Pakistan,  choose your desired supplier and get this item right now!

Sonex Pro 6619 Hair dryers

Sonex Pro 6619 Hair dryers


Sonex Pro 6619 Hair dryers

Sonex Pro 6619 Hair dryers

Sonex Pro 6619 Hair dryers



Sonex Pro 6619 Hair dryers


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