Sonex Pro 6627 Hair dryer


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Brand: Sonex

Power Source: Corded Electric

Hair Dryer Type: Hair Dryer

Are batteries needed to power the product, or is this product a battery : 0

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Every man and woman needs a hair dryer in this era to make their look neat and classy. Therefore, pre-molding your hair into a style is easier. Blow-drying as effectively removes moisture, reduces frizz, and gives the hair a natural body and shape that is easier to style. Therefore, you need or have an ideal dryer that can smoothly shoe your hair without hurting your hair quality.

Hence, in that case, Sonex is your lifesaver here. Since the 90s, this firm has offered multiple products ranging from household to hair styling. Of all their products, their hair dryers are selling like a hot cake for a reason. Therefore, our experts have suggested the Sonex Pro 6627 hair dryer, one of their finest models. 

In terms of features, the blow dryer is fitted with a plastic body to make the item lightweight, easy to use, and portable. Although the body is of plastic, the quality of the dryer is exceptional. The plastic is highly durable and allows you to operate the dryer for 2 to 3 years. Besides, the body doesn’t overheat as the anti-heat producers turn off the body 

Furthermore, the dryer operates with small soft nozzles through which air passes out to shoe your hair. The best part about the dryer is its speed which is tremendous. With extra voltage and low frequency, the dryer throws air at high speed but ensures it operates in a quiet environment. 

Hence, with all these features, this dryer is an ideal competitor to the Remington hair dryer. This dryer is more reasonable for cots as it will only cost you RS. 1400 only. If you desire to buy this item, Check out the latest hair dryer price in Pakistan from your supplier’s website and get this handy item right now.

Sonex Pro 6627 Hair dryer

Sonex Pro 6627 Hair dryer

Sonex Pro 6627 Hair dryer

Sonex Pro 6627 Hair dryer




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