Remington Dryer 5715


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  • 2300W performance / 85 km/h air speed
  • Powerful yet gentle 2100W dryer; same drying speed as a 2300W dryer but with less heat for more protection*.
  • Ionic conditioning – 90% more ions** for frizz-free shine
  • Ceramic grille for even heat distribution
  • Low noise** for a better styling experience
  • Slim concentrator
  • Diffuser
  • Variable heat slide controls – 3 heat / 2 speeds
  • Cool shot to set your style
  • Hang up loop
  • The removable, easy-clean rear grille

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Your hair may be dried rapidly using the Remington D5715 Thermacare Pro 2300. The blow dryer’s high efficiency of 2300 W allows you to dry your hair at a pace of 85 km/h. With its two blow speeds and three temperature settings, the hair dryer can be adjusted to your preferences. The ceramic rack evenly distributes your hair across your head, preventing heat damage. Use the included diffuser to give curly or straight hair more volume. When you’re through using your hair dryer, briefly switch to the cold-blow setting. You may arrange your hair this way to keep it looking excellent throughout the day.

A lovely golden Manchester United logo accents the sleek red, black, and satin gold pattern. This state-of-the-art hairdryer is a stylish addition to your hair care routine and team souvenirs.

Compared to a conventional Remington blow dryer 2400W hair dryer, a 2200W hair dryer may dry your hair quicker and with less heat, helping to preserve your hair from heat and style damage. The 2200W motor is long-lasting, lasting twice as long as a Remington DC dryer.

Blow drying is the first step in creating eye-catching hairstyles, so join in on the action with Remington’s portable Thermacare Dryer 2300w hair dryer for men. It is simple to handle and use, and thanks to its hair-friendly features and capabilities, your hair will look smooth and frizz-free. Technology for generating ions and thermacare Even at high speeds and on high heat, the dryer’s Thermacare technology minimizes damage while it dries. Thermacare technology makes hair smoother, enhancing gloss and reducing flyaways. A 90 percent more powerful ion generator than a typical Remington dryer supports this by lowering static and taming frizz.

Decide on a setting. To fit your hairstyle and style, you may pick among three heat levels and two speeds. These options allow you the flexibility to mold and sculpt the appearance you choose. Give your hair one more cold airburst using the cool shot feature to set your look. Include all attachments. The portable Thermacare PRO 2300 is your must-have drier if you dry your hair at home, at the gym, or while you’re out and about. It includes a variety of attachments, much like a regular hair dryer, to help you get your ideal style. For curlier hair, a diffuser is fantastic, while a fast-dry concentrator is perfect and cost-effective for straighter styles. Check out the Remington blow dryer price in Pakistan for more details.

Remington Dryer 5715

Remington Dryer 5715

Remington Dryer 5715

Remington Dryer 5715

Remington Dryer 5715


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